Adult orthodontics

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Braces no longer need to be seen! With advancements in dental materials and technology, metal braces are not the only option. There are so many aesthetic types of appliances available today. Invisalign are removable appliances made from highly aesthetic transparent materials, which cannot be seen as they are placed on the inner aspect of the dental arch.

Available options

One Smile Dental offer a full range of orthodontic treatment solutions so you can find the right system to suit your needs. Popular orthodontic appliances options include:

After a full clinical assessment, we will recommend one or more appliance options that are best suited to your needs.

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Options to suit you

Every patient in need of orthodontics is different and different aligners and braces are designed to combat different conditions. Finding the right brace to fix your teeth and fit your lifestyle can be difficult. However one method to help choose is discretion vs speed.

Clear aligners are a lot more discreet with most people remaining unaware you ever wear one. This treatment can be lengthier leaving you wearing the aligner for a long time, especially during complicated treatment.

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Removable for sports

Aligners such as Invisalign are removable for sports, keeping the appliance safe and preventing the aligner from causing any damage to the teeth and gums from an impact.

For fixed appliances, your orthodontist can supply custom-made mouth guards to fit over braces, offering you a high degree of protection, especially when playing sports. Acting like a shock absorber to spread impact force over a large area, a properly engineered mouth guard should prevent or greatly reduce the effect of any injury to the mouth area.

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