Referral journey

at One Smile Dental

Here is an overview of a typical patient treatment journey at One Smile Dental for patients referred to us by other dentists:

REfer a Patient



At the first appointment, in addition to a full clinical examination, we will scan the inside of your patient's mouth using our digital scanner which allows us to produce 3D images of teeth, soft tissue, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan. We may also take x-rays as needed.

Treatment plan

We will provide your patient with a Treatment Plan based on their smile aspirations, our initial consultation, clinical information and any further investigations we may carry out.

The Treatment Plan will include treatment options where relevant, our  recommendations and an estimate of costs and length of time to complete the treatment.

We are always happy to discuss the treatment plan in detail with you prior to your patient having to make a decision






If your patient decides to go ahead with treatment, they will be able to sign their acceptance online and we will arrange for any deposit and fee payment to be made.

We may also be able to offer your patient a finance plan which we will discuss with them.

Course of treatment

Once your patient has  formally accepted  their Treatment Plan, we will arrange  and book the necessary appointments for their course of treatment.

If any initial treatment has been agreed to be carried out by you prior to commencement of our course of treatment, we will liaise with your team to co-ordinate timings.

During this time, we will keep you informed of progress.





Treatment completion

Once treatment is finished, we will carry out a series of specific actions designed to check everything planned has worked as intended and advise the patient that our involvement is completed.

We would also like to ask your patient for feedback about their treatment, care and experience.

We will share this feedback with you and inform you that your patient is being sent back to your ongoing care.


To ensure long-term success of the treatment, we will stress to your patient the importance of ongoing regular check-ups and conscientious oral hygiene with you, their regular dentist. In the rare event of post-treatment complications, we guarantee that your patient will receive remedial care as a priority.



Refer a patient

If you are a dentist with a patient you would like to refer for private orthodontic treatment, please follow this link to our secure referral form.


Advice and support

If you are a dentist looking to refer or a patient to us, we are happy to discuss any and all questions you may have. Please feel free to get in touch...

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